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The art of both tattooing and cosmetic application has been around for thousands of years assisting us in creating the image of ourselves that we wish to present to other people, but only in recent years have these two processes come together to become the ultimate fashion accessory – permanent makeup. While many of us are just beginning to discover the incredible benefits of this amazing procedure, micro-pigmentation artist and industry trailer-blazer Pat Shibley-Gauthier has been busy behind the scenes building a permanent cosmetics empire and training the best of the best in Canadian and international tattoo beautification.
Pat Shibley-Gauthier World Renowned Products
Like most artists, Shibley-Gauthier has a passion for her craft that has led her to international success. A devoted cosmetician, she has dedicated more than 20 years perfecting the application of tattoo makeup while creating her own line of more than 50 shades of permanent makeup. So dedicated is she to her art that she founded the Micro-Pigmentation Centre in Mississauga, Ontario – a premier destination for those in the field to receive the education and credentials in the world of tattoo cosmetics.
Who Wears Tattoo Eyeliner?
The correct answer is: anyone. While not every lady who walks down the street may currently be employing the services of a micro-pigmentation technician, there are representatives from all walks of life taking advantage of the service. The colour-scheme is so diverse that any skin tone can be matched and almost any design desire accomplished. Women of all ages and walks of life, be they career ladies, active seniors, busy parents, or just fashionistas, are discovering the incredible time-saving benefits of permanent cosmetics, allowing them to wake up each morning as lovely and put together as if they had spent the last 30 minutes creating the perfect look.
What Other Areas can be Augmented?
Micro-pigmentation is a very versatile art and is mostly limited only by one's imagination. Common areas include the lips, eyes, and eyebrows, but it is also frequently used in colour reconstruction, such as a birth defect or covering injuries from a previous wound. This procedure has been certified as completely safe for use on any part of the body, and a skilled technician can apply the product as expertly as any traditional makeup artist, but with lasting results.
While the standard of beauty if different for everyone, one trait shared amongst nearly all of us is our desire to look our best with as little effort as possible. With a single application of micro-pigmentation, applying cosmetics becomes a thing of the past, and for many women than means hundreds of additional hours a year that can be more productively used on work, family, or friends. Whether you are just looking for a personal touch-up, or are considering a career path in this exciting and ever-changing field, Pat Shibley-Gauthier and her expert team have the tools, knowledge, and flair for aesthetics to meet all of your beauty needs.
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